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Alcohol Training Foodsafehandler Miami

Alcohol Training

Alcohol Training

How do I get my Florida Responsible Vendor certificate?
To get your Responsible Vendor certificate in Florida, you must first complete an alcohol seller-server course and pass the final exam. Once you do, you will get your certificate of completion immediately. You can give this to your employer to verify your training. Enroll in our Florida alcohol server-training course today to get started.
Alcohol service involves many risks. This course prepare yourself to handle these risks with responsible alcohol training. In addition, this Course provides the fundamentals of responsible alcohol service by combining interactive exercises, role-play activities to help prepare participants for real-life scenarios. Designed for convenience.

Course Description

  • Alcoholic beverage service and operation laws for each establishment

  • Effects of alcoholic beverage on the body, individual behavior and motor vehicle operation

  • Methods for recognizing  and dealing  with underage customers

  • Effects  of controlled substances on the body, behavior and motor vehicle operations

  • Effects alcohol combination with  the use of controlled substance

  • Methods for dealing with customers and employees who use or traffic in controlled substance

  • Legal responsibilities of sellers-servers

  • Risk to serving minors and intoxicated patrons

Who Should Attend And Benefit From Taking The Course

Employees with responsibilities in control bars, waiters, servers, Bartenders, Cashiers ,Sommeliers and wine servers, Hospitality workers, Catering workers, Event organizers and Other workers in alcohol sales .
Bar and restaurant managers and Assistant must understand licenses may be revoked or suspended for violations, State mitigation benefits for violations against the establishment, insurance companies offer a reduction on the liquor liability premiums.

Topics Students Will Learn

The manager course explains:

  • Florida alcohol sale laws

  • Key alcohol policies and procedures

  • Intervention strategies for underage and intoxicated patrons

More information 
Course duration: 3 hours session
Cost: $45

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