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Allergen Management Safefood handler Florida

Allergen Management

Allergen Management 

How to Prevent the of Food Recalls In your business
According to the FDA’s Reportable Food Registry, undeclared allergens are the number one reason for all food recalls. With the FDA’s new Preventive Controls for Human Food requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), federal and state compliance officers are highly focused on allergen risks when performing food safety assessments.

Course Description

Undeclared allergens continue to be a major concern within the food industry. There are numerous ways that unexpected allergens could make their way into your food products, including incidental cross-contamination by using the wrong equipment tools, products, in your raw materials.  The highest recall in USA with Allergens present in food it is improperly labeled causing illness in consumer illness and regulatory nonconformance. 
In our course, we will discuss how to prevent measures taken to eliminate the risk of undeclared allergens in your food products, including risk assessments with raw materials, developing an allergen management program, production runs to reduce risk of allergen cross contact, training of employees and conducting allergen verifications to verify procedures are effective when fully implemented.

Who Should Attend And Benefit From Taking The Course

Quality, Food Safety, HACCP, Food Production, Maintenance, Safety, Front-line employees, supervisors and any other employees interested in achieving a better understanding of the how to implement an allergen management program

Topics Students Will Learn

Attendees will learn how to create develop an allergen management program that will reduce risks and the probability for future recalls.

  • Practice identifying allergen sources

  • Conduct an allergen risk assessment

  • Practice developing an allergen management plan

  • Top eight allergens of concerns in the US

  • Allergen labeling requirements

  • How to create and Develop an allergen Management Program 

  • How to create Policies and Procedures

  • Managing allergens in your supply-chain

  • Assessing allergen risks within your facility

  • Best practices for allergen storage and spill containment

  • Prevent  cross-contamination throughout production

  • Allergen cleaning SOP’s best practices and Employee training

More information 
Course duration: 3 hours session
Cost: $120

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