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Allergen Management 

Undeclared allergens continue to be a major concern within the food industry. There are numerous ways that unexpected allergens could make their way into your food products, including incidental cross-contamination by using the wrong equipment tools, products, in your raw materials.  The highest recall in USA with Allergens present in food it is improperly labeled causing illness in consumer illness and regulatory nonconformance. 

Accredited Introductory HACCP Training Program

You will learn how to construct and research a solid food safety plan, also learn how to research and risk assesses new and emerging hazards and how to utilize current industry best practices to keep you in regulatory compliance.
The course includes interactive components to help build knowledge of the HACCP process.

Food Safety Program for Managers

The Certified Food Managers course is design to train and teach food managers to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. Food Safety Manager Certification Program assesses the knowledge and skills of entry-level food managers.

Food Safety Training for Employees in Manufacturing

This training covers all principles that employees should be aware of when working with food.
We provides food handlers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely handle foods for human consumption.

Food Safety Culture Training

Food Safety Culture Plan has become an essential element for food companies today to compliance with GFSI audits. A positive company environment will improve employee morale, but it also helps with increasing food safety awareness and best practices, reducing risk the potential.

Seafood HACCP

This 1-day Seafood HACCP course provides training in Pre-Requisite Programs (i.e., Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP/SCP), current Good Management Practices (cGMP), hazard analysis, determining critical control points, establishing and verifying critical limits, determining corrective actions, internal auditing practices, and developing monitoring records for cooked and raw seafood products.

Sanitation Control

This course is designed to teach you the essentials of food safety, food sanitary design principles for facilities and equipment, worker hygiene practices, correct procedures for cleaning and sanitizing. Sanitation is an essential prerequisite program for food safety. It is a fundamental necessity for efficiency, quality and safety.

Internal Auditing

Our course provides attendees with the knowledge necessary to be an effective internal auditor by utilizing auditing best practices as defined by resources such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Food Defense Management Certification

This course is the perfect blend of FDA’s new food defense methodology approaching to crisis management. Learn how to conduct intentional adulteration vulnerability assessments using the new FDA/FSPCA approach by considering the risks in your facility from an “inside attacker”

Alcohol Training

We offer alcohol certification for bartenders, servers, and managers with restaurants, bars, taverns, night clubs, or any entity that sells or serves alcoholic beverages, and  every person who is employed to sell or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises.

Good Manufactoring Practices (GMPS)

GMP’s establish the foundation for food safety and are essential for supporting a company’s HACCP and food safety plan. The instructor will discuss regulation 21 CFR Part 117 requirements and what FDA compliance officers expect food processors to have at the facility to produce food safely, and how to properly implement and document those programs.

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