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 Food Defense Management Certification

Food Defense Management Certification

Food Defense Management Certification

FDA’s Intentional Adulteration Rule wit Food Defense, Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness
An initiative that food industry managers can include in their ongoing employee food defense training programs. Employees FIRST educates front-line food industry workers from farm to table about the risk of intentional food contamination and the actions they can take to identify and reduce these risks. The food industry plays an integral part in protecting the nation’s food infrastructure. Food Defense provides training in preparedness against an intentional attack against our food supply. The courses provide an understanding of and guidance for developing a Food Defense Plan(s) based on a common sense approach.

Course Description

This course is the perfect blend of FDA’s new food defense methodology approaching to crisis management. Learn how to conduct intentional adulteration vulnerability assessments using the new FDA/FSPCA approach by considering the risks in your facility from an “inside attacker”.

Who Should Attend And Benefit From Taking The Course

Front-line workers, leaders, supervisors, managers, directors all the way up to CEO’s have a stake in protecting the food industry from acts of intentional adulteration and crisis situations. Employees with responsibilities in security, food safety and all levels of management who need to understand FDA’s new approach on food defense should take this course.

Topics Students Will Learn

Differentiate between a food defense program and food safety. Develop and implement a food defense program. Mitigate potential intentional adulteration events. Create a food defense team, plan, and policies by writing examples of food defense policies. Develop monitoring procedures, corrective actions. Develop food defense training for employees.

  • Food Defense Basics

  • How to develop mitigation strategies for each actionable process step.

  • Monitoring, corrective action and verification of management components.

  • Training and record keeping.

  • Suspicious Note Workshop

  • Food defense overview - the past, present and future of food defense

  • Bomb threats and suspicious mail

  • Emergency evacuations

  • Crisis/Incident Management and Workplace violence

More information 
Course duration: 8 hours session
Cost: $449

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